«Safe Harbor»

The IAB Russia Better Ads Committe presents a "Safe Harbor" - mechanism for improving the quality of online advertising for consumers and for protecting the business of publishers. «Safe Harbor» will unite the sites that support the "Russian Better Ads Guidelines. Version 1" (then «Guidelines»).

Inclusion in the list of «Safe Harbor» is voluntary and free.

Deletion from the "Safe Harbor" can be produced according to the rules described in the "Guidelines".

«Safe Harbor» is operated by IAB Russia, while the technological support of list of sites in the "Safe Harbor" is made by Yandex.Webmaster.

IAB Russia will encourage all organisations that are able to filter out advertising formats, including browsers, ad blocking software, browser plug-ins, providers and other services ― to support "Guidelines" and not to apply filtering to the sites in the "Safe Harbor" (as long as they remain in the list), but keeping them on regular monitoring.

When notified about the detection of "annoying" formats IAB Russia will contact the website owner and provide a time for eliminate violations. Repeated violation of the “Guidelines” will be the basis for delating of the site from the "Safe Harbor".

For inclusion in the Safe Harbor authorized representative of any platform shall send official notification to IAB Russia on support for the “Guidelines” in accordance with the instructions published on this page.

  1. Check out "Russian Better Ads Guidelines. Version 1". and make sure that your sites are not used not recommended formats.
  2. The sites you plan to include in the «Safe Harbor» must be added and verified in Yandex.Webmaster. If you have no account there, register it.
  3. Go to the application form and select the sites that you want to add in the "Safe Harbor". Fill out the form with your name, organization name and contact e-mail. Before submitting the form make sure that you are under the same account under which your site is confirmed, Yandex.Webmaster.
  4. Within one business day your request will be processed and sites added to the list of «Safe Harbor».